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Some Tips to Write a Perfect Resume

Finding an internship, getting a first job, having great opportunities… You will have to write a resume to begin your work experience! If a recruiter wants to know more about your skills, these are not enough to define who you are and why you’ll be a good employee. Here are some tips to help you building a strong resume!


1. Keep it simple

Chances are, your resume is in a stack with others which means, the employer will have to read through a lot of papers during the hiring process. You don’t ever want to turn in a five-page monster unless specified – employers rarely do. The basic rule of thumb is to try and keep your resume to one page for easy reading.

Try to keep it as clear as possible: the recruiter should be able to find every information he needs without looking for them. Your contact details must be clearly written at the top.

Underneath the contact information lies the Objective, one or two sentences telling your employer exactly what you want in the job. Alternatively, you can write a Profile Summary in place of the Objective. The difference is that a summary concisely tells the employer your skills in relation to the job. Honestly, there’s no rules for writing a resume, you can do whatever you want. Nobody’s going to stop you from coming up with a combination of an Objective and a summary.

2. Be Honest

Picture this: you took two years of Spanish in high school and put it on your resume. On your first day of work, your manager tells you to translate something to Spanish. That situation is no bueno. Just put your proficiency level on your resume. Knowing elementary Python and being at an advanced level is a huge difference, and you do not want one to be confused with the other and be facing an impossible coding problem. Then you’d have to have a very awkward conversation with your manager, so to avoid that situation be sure to clarify where your skills really stand.

Honesty is the best policy.

3. Know Your Audience

The first and most important step is to know your audience and the position you’re applying for. That means tweaking and changing your resume based on the skills required for the position. There is no one-size-fits-all resume. If you’re applying for a marketing position, then the fact that you’re in the school’s running club may not be very important, but if you’re applying for a track & field coaching position, then star, bold, highlight, and bump that skill! It’s all about knowing the position and knowing your audience.

4. Don’t underestimate the “hobbies” section

Of course, don’t get too crazy, create bullet points, just list five or so. Listing your interests shows the employer that you have other skills as well and that you’re a well-rounded individual.

Those interests will help the recruiter understand better who you are, and especially what are your “soft skills”, ie which personal qualities describe you the best. It’s something to say that you’re organized, but it’s better for the employer to have some precise examples that you really are. Today, more than 62% of the recruiters say they’re attentive to these soft skills.
On your resume, choose only some of your passion and be ready to explain them by highlighting what part of your personality it reflects.

5. Get some help

Staring at a blank word doc with a blinking cursor could spell your doom. Don’t start there. Instead, begin online by searching for resumes of positions you’d like to have one day. Use these resumes as a roadmap of how your resume should look. (But don’t copy them!) Look at a couple of resumes, check out the formatting and a pay attention to the action verbs used to describe their accomplishments. If you need more help try Googling key phrases like: effective resumes, college student resumes, marketing intern resumes, etc.

Comparing your resume with a friend is the best way to spot errors! They will also be a source of inspiration : they may have thought about information you’ve never thought about. In general, getting feedbacks on your resume is the best way to improve it!

Written by Elisa – 03/10/19