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How to get a job with little or no experience?

Many employers nowadays expect heaps of experience from fresh graduates and full-time students. Of course, there are a few students with a huge amount of experience; however, most students do not have much experience in the industry and this can be very frustrating. Well, do not fret, since we got tips and hacks for you to land your next job!

1. Educate yourself

All types of knowledge is useful in this fast-evolving world we live in. Take classes, attend workshops, and get certificates. This does not have to be done in school necessarily since most of the things you learn in school aren’t used in the ‘real world’ anyway. Take advantage of your resources! We live in such a technological world where we can access everything through this thing called the internet. You can always search for lessons for the type of skills you would like to learn.

2. Build your Network

Networking is arguably equally important as your skills. Many people have found a job just by having a connection with a few people in the industry. Now, networking may sound like a big word for professionals, but it really isn’t. Go out there and start meeting people! Talk to strangers in your lectures and your professors! Who knows? Your next employer might be sitting in the same room.

3. Work on your soft skills

Transferable skills, just like its name, can be transferred from one job from another, and it shows how you interact with people. Some of these skills are communication skills, leadership, critical thinking, and time management. You don’t need any special course to gain the said skills; in fact, you practice them every day! When you talk to a person, you practice communication skills, and when you do a group work in school, you practice your ability to work in a team. So, go out there and have various interactions with people!

4. Work your way up

We wouldn’t recommend this method; however, if you tried everything and still haven’t found a job, you can gain experience in a certain area by working for little or no money at all. It doesn’t sound that motivating; however, it can be a gate to various fields. You can volunteer, intern, or freelance on a particular task you would like to get hands-on training. Now, you may be wondering: “How do I even apply to work for free?”. Here are the steps:
  1. Go on Social Media (LinkedIn / Facebook)
  2. Search for start-ups (Linkedin) or groups of startups (Facebook)
  3. Go to the founder’s / manager’s profile and message them that you would work for free for a certain period of time and you hope to gain relevant experience from them.
  4. Repeat.
And eventually, you’ll land a job! Now, who knows? Your free labor might even turn into a well-paying full-time job in the future!

5. Go on Jumbea

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Written by Hoya – 24/09/19