Student Retention

Boosting Online Courses Retention

Better course completion rates, more next term registrations.

With an industry standard learner retention rate as low as 50% for online courses and 15% for MOOCs, any improvement can result in better learner outcomes and prove a differentiator within the ultra competitive and rapidly expanding online learning ecosystem.

How could a digital learning solution drive retention?

As one of the fastest growing segments in the higher-ed landscape, online learning relies heavily on learning management systems, or LMSs. The challenge LMSs present for most online institutions is that their native discussion platforms often struggle to measurably increase two priority key performance indicators: student engagement and retention. Compounding the issue, these metrics likely have the ability to reduce teaching and ultimately enrollment costs.

Retention is driven, in part, by engagement. The more engaged a learner is, the higher the likelihood that they will complete the course and register for the next term. Many students find it difficult to study entirely on their own and would love to meet with their virtual classmates.

The social side of online learning is vital to the success of students in every aspect. Online students can feel very lonely, tackling studies without any support.

By creating an online community through Jumbea, students can always – and easily – connect with other people. They get to know their classmates and can work with them.

Jumbea motivates students to create and share media content that’s not even for assessment. Jumbea is interactive, in real time, and easy to access.

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