Enabling effective online experiences during the coronavirus pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has meant that institutes have needed to rapidly shift to online learning despite not having the tools to provide a seamless online experience. Jumbea can help by providing an all-in-one platform to help students make the most of the university experience while learning from home.

There’s no doubt that universities have been hard-hit from the impacts of the pandemic. Loss of international students, thousands of job redundancies and the continued need for courses to be offered online for the next few months and potentially longer.

Students are grappling with the struggles of remote learning, including decreased motivation and increased loneliness. They may even feel that, for good reason, the move to online is financially and emotionally unjust towards them. Disadvantaged students, such as those from low income families, those with lack of access to the internet, and those with disabilities, run the risk of becoming even more remote under remote learning.

Universities have long struggled to create an integrated digital experience that fulfils both the formal requirements of an LMS as well as the community benefits of social platforms like Facebook. Communication channels are numerous and dispersed, with students receiving information via the University website, email, LMS, social media and more. These cracks have become especially apparent with the move to online delivery, and even the most established institutions are not succeeding to provide a genuine and fulfilling learning experience online.

That’s where Jumbea can step in and help. Jumbea is a social platform dedicated to education, replacing emails and notice boards with an all-in-one intuitive platform designed to encourage community and student engagement.

In support of the education sector during this crisis, we would like to offer free pilots to new partners who are wanting to try our online platform. We want to remove barriers for institutes to provide the most seamless online experience possible for students, to help support them during this difficult time.

A seamless online digital experience

Below are the ways in which Jumbea can support you during the pandemic and beyond:

Profiles and chats

Each student and educator can build their own profile and will automatically join their class chats. Students can reach out to others, such as subject cohorts, group work members, and student mentors. This provides easy channels for communication, facilitating community during a time when we cannot easily be together.


Both students and educators can add important dates, create events, set alarms and organise online study groups and online meetups. The calendar is a simple way to organise in a time of disorganisation and uncertainty.

Information dashboard

Information can be easily posted on dashboards to reach the entire community, centralising communications and making it easy for people to stay updated.

Long-term perspective: an opportunity to solve today’s problems and cement future value

This uncertain time has disrupted how nearly every institute and business operates. While it may seem difficult to view this pandemic as anything but negative, it gives institutes an opportunity to innovate for the better.

Using Jumbea to improve the online experience of your students will be beneficial beyond the pandemic. Prior to this, the many institutes report poor student engagement, retention, and sense of belonging. Social digital tools like Jumbea can make the difference in student experience, and cement the value of your institute to both current and prospective students.

Written by Angela from the Jumbea team on the 21/05/2020