Our Mission

We believe the road to knowledge is via people, conversations, connections and relationships.

Unfortunately, having experienced more than five higher education institutes in four different countries, we realized that everywhere, higher education providers lack digital tools to foster community building and collaboration.

Therefore, we’ve created the platform we wished we had: an engaging and interactive digital space for students, staff, and educators to engage around education

Jumbea Story & Values

Our History

Jumbea was designed to provide higher ed institutes a closed space to help them put their community in motion and redefine campus communication.

We are two co-founders, Geoffroy & Alaia. In January 2019, we realized that institutes were thriving towards a greater emphasis on student engagement and belongingness but they lacked digital tools. Alaia is still a student so she was able to share her experience and Geoffroy had been working in a start-up in the education field so we decide to share our competencies and to do our utmost to increase students’ success and well-being!

We wanted to build a platform that would be exclusively for higher education institutes. Therefore, our goal is to make sure we will offer them solutions to overtake the challenges they are facing building their community.

Do you want to know more about Jumbea, our history and who is behind Jumbea? Send us an email at [email protected] or fill the contact form!