Our History

Jumbea was designed to enable students to have all the tools to succeed in their studies and personal growth.

We are two co-founders, Geoffroy & Alaia. In January 2019, we realised that uni students were facing so many challenges at this major time of their life and that not much solutions existed to make their life a bit easier. Alaia is still a student so she was able to share her experience and Geoffroy had been working in a start-up in the education field so they decide to share their competencies and tackle those issues!

We wanted to build a platform that would be exclusively for higher education students. Therefore, our goal is to make sure we will offer them solutions to overtake the challenges they will face as a student. 

The name “Jumbea comes from “corroboree”, the aboriginal gathering. It was derived to “Jamboree” its synonym, ”Jambo” and finally “Jumbea”.

Our Mission

Higher education helped us thrive, so we want to contribute to its quality. We promised ourselves to do our best to offer each student a chance to find its own path to freedom and happiness.

And because there is too much at stake, we are committed to advancing equity in education. 

Jumbea Story & Values

Do you want to know more about Jumbea, our history and who is behind Jumbea? Send us an email at [email protected] or fill the contact form!