About us

In 2019, as we looked back on our own academic journey, we realized our road to knowledge had been via people, conversations, connections and relationships. Some of the bonds we created lasted well beyond those formative years, and morphed into lifelong friendships. We wanted to make sure every student will have the same chances and created the platform we wished they had.

We knew we wanted to build a company that would positively impact students’ success. We realized that connectivity was a stumbling block in education and saw an opportunity to leverage this idea of social sharing through technology in the area of education.

Jumbea was launched mid-2019 with the idea of social and peer learning at its core. It started as a very simple social platform enabling Australian university students to build connections, organize their time and find some information. But we felt the need to include the educational providers and reinforce connections among each institute, among each community.

The delivery of academic content and of education continues to transform with the evolution of technology.  Today’s learners live online. And some institute struggle to meet students’ needs in terms of online environment.

We believe in the power of peer learning, and in the connection of like-minded learners.  As education continues to move online, this connection must also take place online.  Jumbea is the online community for learners to share ideas, meet their peers and grow together.

Leadership Team

Alaia Peres


Alex Lacroux


geoffroy henry

Geoffroy Henry

Non-Executive Director

Our Mission

Redefining student engagement to drive meaningful retention.

Our mission is to provide institutes with intuitive digital tools to strive towards a greater emphasis on student engagement.

Jumbea is the digital solution that impacts the entire student lifecycle. It is where people meet, share information and build meaningful relationships. It’s where the magic of higher education happens.

Increased student engagement means improved retention. By meeting students where they are, making engagement effortless and natural throughout the entire student lifecycle, we enhance their student experience and increase their sense of belonging.